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We are a family run business, with strong ties to our community. We believe giving is more powerful than receiving and stand on those values in both our business and in our own lives. At Backstreet Subs we offer high quality meats from Boars Head, and use fresh breads for amazing tasting sandwiches!

Our Subs

Hot or Cold subs, we have you covered! Made using Boars Head Meats, and Fresh Bread!

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Catering Services

Need Catering for your next event? School, Church, Business or otherwise we can help you out!


Save room for dessert, because we offer Ice Cream, Milkshakes, and Cookies for you to indulge in after your meal.

Our Menu


Fresh made Subs, with choice of Breads, and Boars Head Meats. Add Your favorite toppings, and have it warm or cold, it's your choice! Enjoy!

Our Menu

Flatbread Pizza

Our Flatbread Pizzas are smaller rectangular shaped Pizzas where you can customize the toppings to your likings and they pair wonderfully with one of our salads.

Our Menu


We have Kemp's Ice Cream and Grandma's Cookies.

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